What is This?

“This one time at OU” is how a lot of great stories start. We decided that since we were sharing and remembering stories from Ohio University and Athens amongst our group of friends, that we would share them with the world. Still not sure … but we’ll do our best to protect the innocent.

Why Ohio University?

Everybody thinks their college town and university are special. We’re sure that they are. But Ohio University and Athens are next-level different, in a very unique kind of way. Just listen …

Meet the Team

We’re a group of friends that connected around the same time through Ohio University and left a piece of ourselves there. Or did we take a piece of Athens with us? Or maybe both.

Tim Donnellan

From Springfield, Ohio. I attended Ohio University from 1987 to 1991 and loved every minute of it. I started a quarter late due to going to Army Basic Training but quickly gained friends and great memories for life. OU was a long time ago but seems like last week. Live with two children in Richmond, VA. I can’t wait to hear your story!


Four big fun & blurry years from ’86-’90. Hoping to relive some of those times through this podcast.


My OU friends call me Roz and Athens, Ohio, is my happy place. I went there in the late 1980s and graduated in a short four years in 1990, with a major in journalism and a minor in film. My time on the bricks gained me, friends, for life, newfound confidence, a love of live music, lots of new experiences/experimenting, and, oh yeah, an education too. I actually use my degree every day in my work as a fundraiser in Cleveland, Ohio. I get back to Athens at least once a year, and more often if I can. Having a current student for a son sure helps with this! I could tell stories about OU for hours, until I bust a gut laughing, and love hearing others’ stories. What’s yours?

Devin Meister

I graduated in 1990 with only one extra summer. I guess that’s right in the middle of the 4-5 best years, only switched majors once … Made the grandfather clause on Ohio’s drinking age. Journalism major, kind of played in a band for a bit. Good times.